“Change from within”

Study Visit to The Art of Living Iceland

in Reykjavik, Iceland

15 - 19.09.2021

Project is a part of the program “Education”. The goal of the program is to make a change in education in Poland to contribute to improving the quality of life, reducing disparities and strengthening Polish-Icelandic relations in education. The host ”Art of Living Iceland” is an exemplary educational institution in Reykjavik, for years running programs improving the quality of life through adapted yoga tools, breathing exercises, mindfulness and management of emotions and stress for children, students, teachers and parents, also running rehabilitation programs for addicts and convicts, and development programs for youth.

Polish education experts working with Fundacja Understanding will observe and take part in a series of different programs and meetings with institutions our Host organisation works with. Our aim is to learn from more experienced organisation and apply later in our educational projects and programs the best practices that are adaptable for Poland.

The mobility is planned for 5 days (plus 2 days for travel) in order to be able to learn, observe, talk and experience the effects of the work of "Art of Living” in Reykjavik. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to integrate and work on closer cooperation and planning future projects.