Our Team


Monika Śledź- Pacheco

Family Coach & Trainer, Member of the Board of the Centro Latin American Cultural Center (Centro Latino) A mother of two boys (11 and 14 years old) in search of a harmonious family life. I returned to Poland with my family for 13 flats in Venezuela, where in Caracas I ran workshops and coaching for parents for 8 years. He combines his passion for family development with intercultural experience. Since returning to Poland, he has been working for Centro Latino promoting Latin American and Spanish culture and helping immigrants adapt to live in Krakow.

Vice President

Aleksandra Mykowska

Psychologist and mother of bilingual (hopefully multilingual in the future) daughters. Her dream is to give children a chance for a comprehensive development in anti-stress but challenging atmosphere. She wants to create a place where children have a varied and friendly development environment balanced in terms of mind, body, emotions and mind. A fan of healthy nutrition, natural medicine and a slower pace of life. Currently, explores different pedagogical approaches regarding small children. Opponent of punishments, supporter of explaining for the thousandth time, a lover of smiles on children’s faces.