Understanding Foundation

The Foundation runs courses, training and activities in various languages on topics related to improving their quality of life, multilingualism and multiculturalism. We promote the idea of multiculturalism and multilingualism in the environment of Kraków and Małopolska and we promote the language of the heart and peace, i.e. NVC (Nonviolent Communication). We operate on many levels: educational, social, promotional, integrational, we work on continuous development striving to achieve our objectives. We work with schools and look for new tools for them.

In order for our organization to realize its mission, we are looking for specialized knowledge, good practices and methods at the highest global level in line with current trends, research and knowledge.

The project’s participants will be the specialized training and management staff. Trainers and specialists conducting classes and trainings as well as the management for strategy and direction of the foundation’s development.

Our mission is:

1. promoting multilingualism among children and adults, helping foreigners living in Kraków /Małopolska to cultivate their language of origin in their children, helping Polish parents to develop multilingualism in children from an early age .

2. supporting Krakow’s families in creating social bonds, organising an interesting way of spending free time, supporting in learning about different cultures and promoting tolerance towards people of other nationalities and cultures.

3. supporting parents in upbringing children in a respectful and balanced way: Non-Violent Communication, Attachment Parenting, positive psychology; slow life: meditation, mindfulness and yoga for parents and children.

Our vision is a multilingual, multi-country, multi- racial society which is supporting each other in the process of learning different languages. We want to cultivate learning the minority languages in mixed families living in Krakow, but also to promote the learning of foreign languages by various Polish children through integration and contact with foreigners living in our city.

We run Multilingual Families Club “Klub Multi” in Krakow for multicultural and polish families as an education and integration space and work with other organisations to support and help immigrants in Krakow. Supporting learning languages from the early stages of life.

Parents Club

It's a project co-financed by the City of Krakow. With the aim to create a friendly meeting place for parents and children.

Erasmus+ Multilingual Clubs

It aims to promote a multicultural society celebrating linguistic diversity in Europe.


It's aim was social integration of families with interests in multilingualism, living in Krakow.

Psychological Resilience for Parents

It's aim is to provide access to offers adapted to the needs of parents.